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Pullar Business Consulting - Business Advise - Services

We offer the full range of procurement advice associated with submitting tenders to public sector contracting authorities as well as strategic business advice.

The opportunity

In the current harsh economic climate, government departments still spend substantial amounts of money on goods and services provided by external contractors.

Figures show that the Scottish public sector spends £11 billion on goods and services every year, part of an annual UK Public Sector spend of around £230 billion. The current tough trading environment means that competition among suppliers is at an all-time high. To gain an advantage, suppliers must engage with expert procurement professionals who can work with them to maximise their win rate. The high cost of bidding for public sector work is well-documented and it is now more important than ever for astute companies to secure a return on their investment.

How do we help your business?

  1. Providing advice and guidance on documents prepared by suppliers for submission to public bodies. Providing this expert review capability ensures that suppliers increase their likelihood of success when bidding for public sector work.

  2. Advising on appropriate commercial terms, analysis of debrief results and framing the right questions to ask public contracting authorities to enable success.

  3. Offering strategic business advice on how best to interact with the public sector to secure results.

  4. Assisting in the preparation of superb quality correspondence, such as emails, letters, reports and grant applications (particularly those aimed at gaining funds from the public sector).

  5. Maximising business impact. The importance of well written communications, portraying professionalism, cannot be overstated. Very often it can be the difference between success and failure in business. In our experience, companies can often be technically well able, but many would benefit from support in better articulating their service offering.

  6. Enabling understanding, breaking down perceived barriers, explaining the procurement processes being used and offering targeted help and advice.

Pricing plan

Pullar Business Consulting is happy to operate on a daily rate or fixed price basis.

It is envisaged that the majority of work will be conducted electronically, where possible, including document review. Thereby offering the most cost effective service to clients by minimising travel costs and ensuring a speedy response.

Contact Us on SkypeWeb conferencing can also be offered using Skype.

Telephone: 01506 854964
Mobile: 07969062320

Email: rob@consultpullar.co.uk

Contact us to discuss your requirements and a customised quotation will be provided.

Our ethos:

  • We will always act in a professional and ethical manner and will operate ensuring no conflict of interest. Absolute confidentiality is assured and exclusivity can be offered on a contract by contract basis where necessary, subject to agreement on commercial terms.